Terry & Jerry’s Oz Adventure

Terry & Jerry’s Oz Adventure

Camping and travelling around Australia is probably one of the most rewarding adventures you could go on.  The opportunity is a sure-fire way to hone your survival skills.  But, it still comes at a cost, and many often question just how much it does cost to travel around Australia in this fashion. 

Over the last 12 months, Ian and Kylie, together with their son Toby, have been following a tradition of living a simple, back-to-basics lifestyle, camping in some of the most remote parts of the country. Living on the basics, most of their dinners are self-caught and repairs are done themselves.

Ian, Kylie, & Toby enjoying their new lifestyle

They have undertaken the trip in their Toyota Landcruiser and Jayco Swan, which they have nick named Terry & Jerry.  This combination has allowed them to access some of the most arduous roads and marvel at the greatest concentration of the country’s natural spectacles. They wrestle with crocodiles and sharks with lines from the bank and indulge in quiet pride that which comes from overcoming obstacles.

Terry & Jerry endure all condtions

Whilst the cost is something that obviously must be considered, the value placed on the experience is another thing.  For Ian and his family, whilst cost was a consideration, they have still managed to undertake the trip on a budget, with the true value of the trip measured in other ways.  According to Ian, the family revels in the way their lives connect more with the country and with extraordinary people leading extraordinary lives. They are creating once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, with overwhelming stories of their travels.

Setting up camp in the bush

“Simplicity, off-the-track, is our new-norm and we are loving it.” Said Ian, which is also something that has allowed them to keep costs at a minimum as well as enjoying their new lifestyle.

Exploring the Outback

Whilst this type of adventure is not for everyone, Ian and Kylie have put together a very detailed outline of their trip, including how far they have travelled and the costs one can expect for such an adventure.  They have kindly let us publish this for our readers in the hope it will encourage other to do the same.   The tables below shows a glimpse of their travel costs from their departure from Brisbane on the 5 March 2016 up until August of 2016.  

Well done guys, can’t wait to hear more about your adventures.





Terry & Jerry’s Oz Adventure
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