Prizes & Giveaways

Help us Help you and be in the chance to win some great monthly giveaways.

At the bottom of each Business Listing that is providing you, as a Premium Club member a Discount or Offer, you will see an Icon of a Camera.
This icon is used for you to photograph your receipts should you shop at a FRC Business Partner

By photographing your receipt it will

1. It will keep the image in your image library for your records. This will help in keeping track of costs for your trip as well as keeping a copy on hand should you need to return any purchases, or for warranty purposes.

2. It will automatically send a copy of the receipt to us with your member number attached. This will allow us to collate the data and demonstrate to relevant authorities, councils etc., that campers, caravanners and travellers do spend money in locations as they travel. This will go a long way to providing future Free and Low Cost Camping options and benefits to all of us.

Once you have taken a snap shot of your receipt, make sure the image is clear and be sure to press the OK button at the top left of your screen. This will save it to your device and send a copy to FRC.

Sending in your receipts will automatically enter you in our monthly draw to win some of our fantastic monthly giveaways, which will be provided by our sponsors.

It is not compulsory to send in your receipts, and all information sent in will be kept strictly confidential.  For more information on this please refer to our Privacy Policy.