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The Free Range Camping App

Premium Club Members receive exclusive access to the Free Range Camping App. The features in the app include:

  • Access to over 9000 Campsite & Business Listings inside the app.
  • Available on all iPhones, iPads and all Android devices.
  • Offline Caching (download all the content on your device, perfect for when you have no active phone coverage or wifi).
  • Offline & Online Navigation from your location to campsites.
  • Create your Favourites List of Campsites to access at a later stage.
  • Digital Member Card, allows you to receive discounts and offers at participating FRC Business Partners.
  • 4 Years in the making, over $300,000 in Development Costs.

Online Shop Discounts

Premium Club Members receive Wholesale Pricing on all products in the FRC online shop.  With over 100 products and more to come, when premium club members are logged in with their user details, they will be able to purchase items in the shop with discounts of up to:

VALUE: $100’s in savings

Online Classifieds

Premium Club Members are able to list all Camping & RV related items they wish to sell in our exclusive Classifieds directory.  Once listed, we will use our extensive social media presence like Facebook, where we currently have over 123,000 followers and our 80,000 strong email list, to advise our audience of your items for sale.

Don’t pay advertising fees in other places.

Premium Club Members list for FREE!!

VALUE: $50-$100


Business Discounts

Premium Club Members receive Exclusive Discounts and Offers from our participating FRC Business Partners.  Our business directory which is growing daily, is built into the FRC APP and clearly identifies FRC Business Partners that provide discounts and special offers to our Premium Club Members.

Simply showing your digital member card to the participating business allows you to redeem the Discount or Offer.

Exclusive Only to Premium Club Members

VALUE: $100’s in Discounts

Insurance Policy

Premium Club Members have access to an Insurance policy underwritten by a specialist in Insurance policies for Caravans and Motorhomes. CARVAN.   It has amazing repatriation benefits that surpass most insurance policies available in the RV market.

CARVAN have an online quoting system, that will give you a quote on the details of your RV.  You simply input the details in the system, and as a PREMIUM CLUB MEMBER, your quote will be DISCOUNTED BY 10%

This discount can save you a lot. Based on a an annual premium of between $700 and $1,000, that’s a savings of between $70-$100 a year, off your Insurance Premium.


We contacted every insurance company imaginable that was offering Caravan and Motorhome insurance.  We asked as many questions as possible.  We obtained a PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) from as many as possible and started to compare them all.

What we found were surprising differences, not only in premiums, but also in what cover each policy had to offer.   Some had great prices, but limited cover.  Others had some great benefits, but came at excessive costs.

In the end, we kept coming back to a company called CARVAN and, for a number of reasons, we aligned ourselves with them, namely:

► They had a specialised RV insurance policy that covered all the essentials.

► They were backed by Hollard’s, who participate in the Recreational Vehicle space.

► Their policy covered things that many other general insurance companies did not.

► Their premiums were competitive, especially considering what they offered.

They were prepared to offer our Premium Members a 10% discount on premiums.

With the CARVAN INSURANCE online quoting system you can obtain a quote and even purchase your policy easily and quickly online. (Subject to caRVan’s underwriting guidelines).  Simply login via your FRC Premium Member portal and you will be directed to the CARVAN INSURANCE site.  This will recognise your member details and allow for a 10% discount to be applied.

This inclusion is huge.  It means that if you, or any member of your travelling party fall ill, or are injured and need to get home or to another location for medical treatment, the policy will allow for you and the entire party to be relocated, including the RV, up to the total amount of $5,000.  Eg.

You and your spouse are camping at Dubbo with two of your grandkids, but normally live in Sydney. If one of the grandkids is injured and you have to go back home, the policy will cover the costs for all of you and the caravan to be repatriated back to Sydney, up to the specified limits.

With this policy there is no guessing as to what your RV is worth.  All polices are provided on an agreed value basis. This is determined in consultation between you and CARVAN INSURANCE so you will know well in advance how much you are covered up to. This amount will be shown on your policy.

This means that if your brand new RV is totally written off within the first 2 years of its life, the policy provides for total replacement of the RV with the same model, or as close as possible to it, regardless of the cost of the new one, which can allow for any price increases in the meantime.

This comes into its own should you be using the RV and you are unable to use it due to a claim for damage or loss, displaced and need to stay in alternative accommodation for a short period of time, while your RV is being repaired.

There are two levels of this cover, one for part time travellers allowing for $150 per day up to $2,500 worth of cover, and one for full time travellers, where the RV is your usual home.  This is also $150 per day but up to $4,500.  This ceases when your RV is returned to you in a liveable condition..

Automatic Contents Cover

When out camping you want to make sure your contents are covered as well.  This policy automatically has some cover for loss or damage to contents, up to the value of $2000, but in addition to this you can nominate extra cover on specific items, however an extra premium applies if this is the case.

Cover for nominated accessories used away from your RV

In what we believe to be a first for insurance policies, this one has an optional extra cover for items that are outside your undercover awning area.  As you know, when camping, some of your items may be outside this area, for instance portable solar panels, generators or satellite dishes.

This policy allows you to nominate these items and ensure they are covered for loss or damage by insured events when up to 10 metres around your RV.  An extra premium does apply, as well as a Portable Accessories excess in the event of a claim.

This policy can include cover for your Annex, up to the value of $2000.  However not every RV has an Annex, so you can opt to exclude this cover and not be charged the extra premium.  If you do have an annex, it can be covered as long as it is nominated at the time of quoting.

Many insurance policies will include windscreen cover, but some will charge you the excess for this when making a claim.  With the CARVAN INSURANCE policy, you are entitled to one free windscreen replacement per year without being required to pay the excess.  With some windscreen replacements costing in excess of $500, this alone can be a considerable saving.

In the event your RV is stolen, or you are unable to stay in it after an accident, the policy will provide for you to hire a replacement Caravan or Motorhome to continue your journey. Where the claim is accepted, cover is limited to a maximum of $100 per day, and a total of $1500 after theft or $500 after an accident..

Situations we don’t often think about are losing your keys or if your locks are damaged by someone forcing their way into your van. These can become quite expensive events with the cost of replacement remotes and locks. This policy allows for up to $1000 to repair or replace keys and locks.

This section of the policy allows you to undertake emergency repairs to your vehicle after an accident up to the value of $1000 to get you back on the road, without first gaining authorization from the insurer.

An example of where you might use this is if a panel is damaged and you still need to drive back home.  You can undertake the repair up to the allocated value and then submit a claim as soon as practicable.

Another great benefit is cover for towing your RV after a mechanical breakdown, in addition to after an accident.  This may cover towing your RV to a repair workshop in the event of things such as bearings seizing.  Some polices will not cover you for towing in these circumstances, but this policy allows for cover up to $1000, subject to some conditions.

Following an accident, the last thing you would want is a clean-up bill from local authorities, but it can happen.  This policy allows for up to $5000 towards the cost of the clean-up.

You want to make sure you are covered for this no matter where you are.  With this policy, there is no limit to towing in the event that your RV is involved in an accident.  Whilst some general polices have limits on this, the CARVAN INSURANCE policy does not.  Note:  This is separate from the Mechanical Breakdown Cover (as explained above).

This cover provides for repair or replacement of electrical equipment in the event of a motor burnout.  Predominately this will affect fridges, but may also include your air conditioner or other electrical appliances.  There are limits involved, one being that the motor should be less than 15 years old, but this is still a great benefit to have.

The advantage of this cover is that it will kick in not only when you lose food due to fusion of your fridge motor, but also if the vehicle is damaged in an accident. The cover will provide for up to $500 worth of replacement food items.

If you carry watercraft as part of your rig, included with this policy is cover for up to $4000 for the items in the event of an accident while they are being transported or towed.  This covers small boats, kayaks or canoes, or other  watercraft up to 3.5 metres in length and up to a 30hp motor.

Another included benefit of the CARVAN INSURANCE policy is that you have the freedom to nominate your preferred repairer.   This means you are not forced into using a repairer you may not know.  CARVAN INSURANCE will be able to assist you in making arrangements to obtain quotes, but you can still nominate your own repairer should you wish to.  The repairer will need to provide a competitive quote and be approved by CARVAN INSURANCE before the repairs are undertaken to ensure the repairs are guaranteed.  If the quote is not competitive, CARVAN may ask you to obtain a second quote.

As an added benefit in assisting our members, FRC is currently putting together a list of all available RV repairers around the country.  In time, and with feedback from our many members, a second list will be created containing the details of repairers who are found to be competent and able to complete repairs satisfactorily and in a timely manner. These repairers’ details will be added onto what will be our list of ‘preferred repairers.’

Full List of Benefits

The list of benefits available to our members in this policy are outstanding, and whilst they are all explained in full detail in the PDS which you can download via the link here, we have outlined the major benefits all above in simple terms.


Please Note:  The above is general information only, which is based on personal research by the FRC team of  caRVan’s insurance product. It should not be relied on instead of reading their PDS. 

IMPORTANT – Please read caRVan’s Disclaimer below

Details outlined in the above are provided by FRC as part of the strategic alliance they have formed with CARVAN INSURANCE and are for the benefit of FRC Premium Club Members. The alliance provides for exclusive access to the CARVAN INSURANCE policy by FRC Premium Members.  FRC are not remunerated by CARVAN INSURANCE, with all benefits passed to members in the form of a 10% Discount off market rates.

It should be noted that some limits, exclusions and conditions will apply.  A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for Carvan Recreational Vehicle Insurance Policy is available from the link included in this article and also from the CARVAN INSURANCE website:

You should consider the PDS when considering whether to buy or renew this insurance. For information on services and how CARVAN INSURANCE is remunerated, please refer to their Financial Services Guide which can be found on their website.

caRVan is an authorised representative of Breeze Underwriting (Aust) Pty Ltd.  Insurance is issued by Breeze Underwriting Pty Ltd, ABN 65 003 922 487, AFS Licence No. 235130, trading as Carvan Insurance and is underwriting agent for the insurer, The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd, ABN 78 090 584 473, AFSL 241436

Other Member Benefits

6 months Free Kui Parks Membership – Premium Club Members are given 6 months Free Membership to the Kui Parks chain of caravan parks, allowing them to receive discounts of 10% for their stays at the Kui Parks Caravan Parks.

Monthly Prizes & Giveaways – Premium Club Members will be eligible to receive monthly prizes and giveaways.  Each month, businesses and brands will provide us with products, that we will giving away only to premium Club Members.

Free Crime Checks – Premium Club Members are able to claim FREE crime checks. This is perfect if you require clearance to participate in Free Range Camping’s exclusive Help Out scheme. Our Help Outs are locations where you are able to park your RV for free, in exchange for some assistance on the property.



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