Gold Coast Waterways Authority Puts an End To Illegal Camping

Gold Coast Waterways Authority Puts an End To Illegal Camping

Illegal camping is a huge concern right now for the Gold Coast Waterways Authority. They have hired a private security company to get rid of merrymakers over at The Spit and eventually banning driving on the finger during the night.

According to Hal Morris, Gold Coast Waterways Authority boss, additional police and security are now making regular rounds at The Spit and are continually tracking illegal campers. He says that the team will ensure that they are committed to monitoring the progress of the road signs installed in the area to prevent vehicles from going off-road at the “finger” over at Main Beach.

This plan is in coordination with the article written by the Gold Coast Bulletin in May regarding the $500,000 makeover of re-laid roads, newly placed road signs, and over 150 car parks earmarked.

According to Mr. Morris, he knows that the bollards placed along the finger would not completely shut out illegal campers and the issues on four-wheel-drives but he is confident that this new plan would surely help them alleviate the problem.

New bollards built at The Spit. Photo: David Clark 

“To try and address both issues we’ve vehicle traffic so you won’t be able to drive in there between 6pm and 6am,” he said.

“I understand if you say you can’t go on to the finger people will just move to the main park … but it will be increasingly difficult to do the wrong thing.

“We’ve got an agreement from police and we’ve employed a private security company to close the gates.”

Dawn Chrilow, Gold Coast City Councillor, expressed it was about time some action was taken to get on the issue of illegal campers.

She added however that because the campers are being highlighted at this point, it automatically means that they won’t be kept in mind for their grand plan for The Spit.

“That’s what was needed. It can’t continue,” she said.

“You had illegal campers … it’s not good.

“As soon as they do this masterplan that they’re all talking about for The Spit, the better it will be for everybody.

“The masterplan might say that they might turn a specific area into a camp ground. Our parks are nearly full at the moment, it’s so good.”

According to Mr. Morris, the renovation to Moondarewa Spit are continuing and it involves a major progress to Doug Jennings Park’s amenities.

“We’ve redone the roof and the toilets underneath the kiosk,” he said.

“We’ve also built a new toilet block.

“The work included upgrading the road that runs down the middle of The Spit, the finger itself.

“The bollards went in and we’ve added 150 car parks.

“There are a lot of dead casuarina trees so we’re planting new trees.”

Full article by Jack Harbour courtesy of Gold Coast Bulletin



Gold Coast Waterways Authority Puts an End To Illegal Camping
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