Mammoth by Primus – Excellence in Portable Fridges for Camping & Caravans

AND WELCOME TO OUR FIRST, FREE RANGE CAMPING OUTSTANDING GROUP BUY OFFER Adventure Operations, the team behind OZtrail® and Companion® brands have just offered Free Range Camping members, both Free and Premium Mammoth savings on these fantastic Primus Fridge/Freezers.  There are two models on offer.  The smaller 37litre and the massive 92litre dual zone fridge.  [...]

Towing Weights and Vehicles – Part 3 Towing Wagons

This is the third and final part in our three-part series on Towing Vehicles and weights.  Having looked closely at the most common types of  dual-cab utes on the market, in this article, Keith delves into 4WD wagons and their capacity as towing vehicles. Towing Wagons– How they stack up in real weight terms After previously looking […]

Towing Weights and Vehicles – Part 1 Weight Definitions

In this, the first of a three-part series of articles, Keith Thompson, one of our FRC Ambassadors, takes a closer look at the sometimes complex subject of towing weights and vehicles. Rig Weights Much is routinely said in online forums and around the campfire about towing weights, and the traps about buying the wrong tow vehicle […]

Introducing Autobahn –Mechanical & Auto Electrical Services in Perth

We would like to introduce all our members to Autobahn, not to be confused with Autobarn the automotive spare parts and accessories retailer. Autobahn Mechanical & Electrical Services franchise is established in Western Australia only and specialises in mechanical and auto electrical services. History Autobahn Mechanical & Electrical Services commenced trading as a franchise in […]